Jabra Halo Smart Review – A Headset Made for Talking

While the vast majority of headphones that are out on the market are tuned for those who want to listen to their favorite music, the Jabra Halo Smart is a pair that is made for those who take and make a lot of calls with their smartphones. There are some people who are incredibly busy and spend a lot of time talking to other people on the phone. Instead of keeping your handset placed near your ear all the time, or if you don’t want to deal with pesky cords that tend to get in the way, this wireless Bluetooth pair might be the answer to your specific prayers.

Jabra Halo Smart Review - A Headset Made for Talking

The Jabra Halo Smart Lets Users Switch Seamlessly Between Music and Phone Calls

Setting the Jabra Halo Smart is fairly easy as all you need to do is drape the device around your neck, insert the earbuds into your ear (this is an in-ear pair, by the way), and then turn it on. Once turned on, the neckband will then vibrate and a voice will instruct you that you need to turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection on to pair both devices. And that’s pretty much it.

There are four controls found on the Halo Smart, three of those are located on the right and one on the left. The top and bottom button found on the right control the volume levels, whereas the middle button is a multi-functional one. Pressing and holding the middle button will pause or resume playback, or you can answer calls with it. As for the solo button found on the left, that is a voice button. With it, you will be able to mute yourself when on a call. When you’re not in a call, you can give it a tap and it will summon Siri, Cortana, or Google Now, which does come in handy so you don’t have to continuously reach for your phone when you have to make calls.

This headset has a lightweight, flexible neckband and it fits just right. However, its style will not favor most people, but it has been reported that the design choice for the neckband is such that it would accommodate the battery. Speaking of battery, the battery life is rated for 17-hours of talk time, or 15-hours of continuous music playback.

Audio quality of the Jabra Halo Smart is pretty average, but then again, the price tag found on this headset is not way out there so it does not come as a big surprise that there are some corners that were cut.


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Jabra Halo Smart Review – A Headset Made for Talking
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