Jabra Sport Coach Review – It Counts Your Reps For You

Fitness-centered earphones are generally audio listening devices that offer a bit (or a lot) more bass than others, just like the Jabra Sport Coach. Therefore, you would be mistaken for this pair of audio listening devices to be ordinary headphones. With that being said, it can help you count the repetitions that you do for certain exercises so that you don’t have to. Have you ever focused too much on your workout session that you forgot how many repetitions you just did? With this special kind of fitness headphones, you don’t have to count; well, sometimes, anyway.

Jabra Sport Coach Review - It Counts Your Reps For You

The Jabra Sport Coach Counts Your Reps Through the Accompanying App

So how does the Jabra Sport Coach count the repetitions you do on certain exercises? It will do so through the company’s own TrackFit motion sensor that is found inside the left earpiece, and the data will automatically be transmitted to the accompanying app for you to view. Speaking of the mobile application, it can be downloaded and installed for iOS and Android devices.

The Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition are wireless earphones, but both earbuds are still wired together, and said wire has an inline remote on it. There is also a button found on the left earpiece that will automatically launch the sports app, as well as lets you cycle through the exercises. Also, since these are fitness and sport-centered earphones, it is IP5-rated. This means that it is dust, water, and of course, sweat resistant.

When searching for headphones for fitness-related use, sound quality is important. However, don’t rule comfort out of the question either. The good news is that both sound performance and overall comfort are good on these headphones, but there are some on the market that can do better in both regards. Furthermore, it should be noted that these headphones only come in one color option, which is a combination of cyan and gray. So for those who are looking for other color options, you’re fresh out of luck.

The Jabra Sport Coach also immediately detects the repetitions that you do for certain exercises, but it’s not perfect; in fact, it’s far from it. Tests show that doing pushups is the worst exercise to work with the headphones. To give you an example, let’s say that you’re doing 10-repetitions in doing pushups, but when you look at your phone, it will only record 2. Ultimately, while these are an okay pair of earphones for working out, the new feature feels gimmicky and still feels like it needs more work.


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Jabra Sport Coach Review – It Counts Your Reps For You
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