Jaybird Reign Review – Deal With the Pairing Process

The Jaybird Reign is one of the more interesting fitness bands that can be purchased in today’s market. Unlike some wearables from competitors such as those coming from Moov, Fitbit, and Misfit, this one does not only track performance as it is also able to monitor the strain of your exercise regimens on your body. It does this through reading the users’ heart-rate variability (HRV). Therefore, and in theory, this fitness device should be able to dictate a wider view of your workout progress. Users are able to take advantage of getting advice such as recommended rest times, which is a vital feature missing in many fitness bands. While its performance levels do deliver, you might find your heart-rate to rise even if you haven’t started your workout yet because of the infuriating process it takes just to pair the band to your smartphone.

Jaybird Reign Review - Deal With the Pairing Process

The Jaybird Reign Performs Nicely, if it Connects

As far as fitness bands go, the design choice for the Jaybird Reign is nicely unassuming. In its box, you will be able to find the central Reign Pod, which is the unit that will handle all the tracking features. Inside the standard packaging, you will also find wrist, sport, and ankle straps, a proprietary charging dock, and some cleaning tools.

For the Pod, it doesn’t have any form of screen. Therefore, if you’re hoping for the wearable to have features that are similar to a smartwatch, then you’re out of luck. The only design feature that you can find on this particular fitness band is that of a small LED strip that is surrounded by a silver trim. The LEDs can only be used to tell you the time, as well as alert you when the pod is about to run out of battery life. Speaking of battery life, the Jaybird Reign Pod can offer five to six days of constant use on a single charge, which is nice to know.

This wearable tech brings the comfort and there are times that you might even forget that it’s there. While it does perform well in many aspects, the setup and pairing process is a dire pain in the behind. There are many wearable devices that allow very simple pairing with smartphones, but it is a wonder why this one has trouble connecting, even when different handsets are used.

But if you can get pass that, the Jaybird Reign does perform well for all its worth. It is able to pull almost all the same tricks as those found in the Basis Peak. Also, it can automatically detect and track a good range of exercises. It is still very disappointing about the pairing process though.


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Jaybird Reign Review – Deal With the Pairing Process
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