Jaybird X3 Review – Gym-Friendly

The Jaybird X3 is clearly not the first fitness-centric pair of headphones to hit the market, and it won’t certainly be the last. In fact, it has some deep competition that is looking to gain the crown for the best go-to headphones for fitness-centric individuals. So what makes this particular model different from all the rest? Well, nothing much, but it is not the most expensive pair in the market (which gives it some points). Furthermore, they do sound great and the standard packaging gives you a bunch of accessories right off the bat.

Jaybird X3 Review - Gym-Friendly

The Jaybird X3 is Nothing New, But It’s Still Pretty Good

The Jaybird X3 comes into the market with different color variations, them being black, red, white, gold, and military green. It should be noted that these wireless earphones sport a neckband style, in which it can be worn behind or in front of the neck. There are also optional ear fins that do add a level of stability. However, just by using the eartips alone will already provide a good level of secure fit for many users. Speaking of these eartips, it should be noted that these are sweatproof, and they are small enough to fit under helmets. Hence, they do make a great pair for cyclists. Looking at the inside, it has 6-millimeter drivers that pump up the audio.

As mentioned earlier, the X3 comes with a good number of accessories right off the bat. These include a generous array of eartips that come in different sizes, along with optional ear fins (these come in three pairs – small, medium, and large), two cable cinches, a shirt clip, a protective pouch, and the micro-USB charging cable.

If there is one major caveat that comes with the unit, it’s that the left and right earpiece are not labeled. Hence, all you need to check is where the inline remote is located. Switching which earpiece to use for your left or right ear can be used with the accompanied free smartphone app.

So what does the Jaybird X3 sound like? When playing tracks that have powerful sub-bass content, they do offer a deep and powerful bass response. When listening at top, unwise listening levels, many should be happy to know that the bass or audio does not distort. The low-end signatures are still pretty beefy when playing at moderate volumes while remaining perfectly balanced across the other areas of the spectrum. So is this the perfect pair to bring to the gym or when you’re working out? Not quite, but it is certainly a very solid option.


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Jaybird X3 Review – Gym-Friendly
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