Jays a-Jays Review – Big Bass for a Small Package

The Jays a-Jays is perhaps one of the finest sounding in-ear headphones for the Swedish company to-date. Furthermore, it maintains all of the user-centric design points of which many have come to know and love from the different products manufactured by the audio-listening device maker. The pair has a soft silicone finish, in-line control microphones that are compatible for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and the packaging that would let people mistake that it came right out of the Apple’s store. While it does perform really well, with a design to match, there’s one problem – it might not stay inside your ears very much.

Jays a-Jays Review - Big Bass for a Small Package

The Jays a-Jays Needs to Stay Inside

Pulling the Jays a-Jays out of its standard packaging, and you will be met with the pair of earphones, plus a cylindrical earphone case, along with its accessories. Speaking of accessories, what’s missing inside the package are some extras that the company has been offering in the past for their other units. These are the airline adapter, and the headphone output splitter. While not an absolute deal-breaker, it does make you wonder why these accessories are not included this time around. Nonetheless, buyers are still met with a nice assortment of silicone eartips that do range from the tiny through the extra large.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the a-Jays, aside from its thunderous bass quality, is that the headphones are available for the iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones AND all three version do come with a three-button microphone. Most Android headphones only come with a finicky single button, but this pair from Jays will allow you to control tracks and handle calls with these buttons for all three smartphone platforms. While it seems like it is a small thing, it is not.

As for comfort and fit, well, the company could do better with this one. These earphones do feel a bit too large for the ears when trying to find the perfect fit for them to stay in place. Even if you do find the right fit, you may find the device loosening up after a while. It may even come to no surprise that the unit will pop out after some time.

But when they stay in place for the majority of the time, the Jays a-Jays delivers a large and meaty sound. That audio performance is then anchored by an unapologetic forceful bass that will immediately snatch your attention right from the first note of the track. However, the bass is assisted with an ample helping of midrange with an inkling of treble. Therefore, do not get these if you want perfect clarity in your audio files. But for those who want really strong bass in a small package, you might want to check it out.


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