JBL Boost TV Review – A Pleasing Performer in a Compact Design

If you are in the market for a soundbar and are worried that it might take up too much space, then perhaps you might want to check out the JBL Boost TV. Even though soundbars are known as a great way for upgrading the sound quality of your TV, for some, even the regular-sized unit can take up too much space. This particular JBL unit won’t have much of that.

JBL Boost TV Review - A Pleasing Performer in a Compact Design

The JBL Boost TV is Cute and Compact

While the traditional soundbar sports the “strong and long” design, the JBL Boost TV is cute and compact. In fact, it is supremely stylish. It will look perfect while placed in front of just about any TV set. It is of the curvy, pill-shaped variety, and it looks more like a wireless Bluetooth speaker rather than a glorified soundbar. It is wrapped around with a tough black mesh and it is sandwiched by glossy trims. These trims mould into bass ports for both of its ends.

For the money, the Boost TV is solidly built and it will sit securely on any flat surface. This is thanks to its funky-looking rubber pad found on its bottom. There is also a rubber panel with button controls found on its top. These controls offer power, volume, and input commands. There’s also another button to activate the Harman Display Surround mode.

Ports are of the simple variety as when you flip it over, you will be greeted with 3.5-millimeter minijack inputs, and a USB port for firmware updates. It is quite sad that there are no HDMI ports on this one, but it is to be expected since its price point is relatively on the low-end. This single cable approach makes it nice and convenient for anyone who is looking to upgrade their TV’s audio without having to blow away their entire spending allowance.

Due to its size, you would expect that installation will come quite easily, and it will. You will be able to get it up and running within minutes right after taking it out of its standard packaging. Just connect it to your TV with the use of an optical cable, plug the device in a wall socket, and you’re good to go.

For its size, audio quality coming from the JBL Boost TV is impressive. However, it cannot match the audio scale for normal-sized soundbars. However, it does muster the right level of power and energy despite its tiny frame. Overall, this is a pleasing performer that is great to be placed inside small rooms.


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