JBL Boost TV Review – For Your Small TV

There are many TVs that now sport the smaller, thinner architecture, and as such, soundbars are now following suit, just like the JBL Boost TV. This speaker is just about a foot-or-so in length, and it offers Bluetooth and TV connectivity that can be found within a compact package. While there are some shortcomings found in this mini soundbar, it does what is advertised – it will push the limits of your TVs volume. However, it does sound a bit harsh at really high volume levels, or when you’re playing the wrong type of music that’s not too compatible with it.

JBL Boost TV Review - For Your Small TV

The JBL Boost TV Will Amp Up Your TVs Volume

Aside from its compact nature, the JBL Boost TV is found in a smaller price point as compared to full soundbar systems. It puts itself in competition with many wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market. As for its design, it is shaped just like a football, and it has two large bass ports found on either end. It is smaller as compared to many soundbars on the market as its length is only at 14.8-inches, and it has a 3.3-inch height.

The Boost TV has two 50-millimeter “transducers” that appear to be wrapped around inside the top and front of the device. This kind of arrangement was presumably designed so that you would be able to mount it on a wall. However, there is no way to actually mount it.

There is a decent amount of connections available, and these include digital optical and 3.5-milimeter analog. It also has the aforementioned wireless Bluetooth capability, which means that you can also stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or even from a computer. It also allows for a “multi-room” connectivity with the use of the brand’s Connect feature. When it comes to being a soundbar, this unit offers Dolby Digital decoding, although the sound performance is not anything greater than CD resolution. In other words, hi-res music and Blu-ray options still play better.

The JBL Boost TV also has a Harman Display Surround feature, however, it does not sound quite good. It is suggested that you don’t use it and just use the device as you would normally. Even though this speaker puts it in competition with other Bluetooth speakers out there, instead of most soundbars, surprisingly it does come out on top when compared with some units such as the Sony ZR7 or the UE Boom 2.


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JBL Boost TV Review – For Your Small TV
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