JBL Flip 3 Review – Right on the Money

For the JBL Flip 3, you can probably say that the third time IS the charm. This is because this third-generation Bluetooth speaker has been more streamlined, given a better battery life, and now boasts a splashproof design. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it shares the same price point as that of its predecessor.

JBL Flip 3 Review - Right on the Money

The JBL Flip 3 Packs More Features With Practically the Same Price as its Predecessor

The JBL Flip 3 is available on the market with different color variations so you can take your pick that would suit your style choice. This particular Bluetooth speaker only weighs less than a pound (it has a weight of only 15.9-ounces). Furthermore, and just like its two predecessors, this third-generation model can also be stood up vertically, or laid on a flat surface horizontally. However, when you go vertical, one of the bass ports do get covered up so you get less of the low end when you place the speaker this way. When you do lay it down horizontally, however, you do get more bass this way.

It is, however, quite disappointing that there’s no carrying case included with the Flip 3, especially when you know that the previous model had such an accessory. Still, this third-generation Bluetooth speaker from JBL is made with a sturdy build quality, and it is now even made to be water-resistant. It has a flap that secures, well, securely the USB charging port and the audio port. However still, with the added features that is located within practically the same price point, you can’t really complain about the lack of a carrying case.

For brand new users of this particular wireless Bluetooth speaker, you might wonder as to where would the pause/play button be. JBL designed the play/pause button to be one with the answer/end call button. Furthermore, you can also skip tracks with it (double tap on said button to skip forward, and triple tap to skip one track back).

So with all that’s been said and done, what does the JBL Flip 3 sound like? Even though it might be quite diminutive, it can dish out pretty loud volumes. For comparison’s sake, the previous model has 6 watts of power, whereas the original model delivers 2 x 5 watts of sound. This time, you get a boosted 8 watts, and that clearly makes a big difference. However, do note that there is a bit of distortion when you’re about maximum volume, but even moderate volume levels is still pretty loud and adequate for many types of scenarios.


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JBL Flip 3 Review – Right on the Money
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