JH Audio Roxanne Review – Great Audio Experience for a Large Price

When you look at what the JH Audio Roxanne has on offer, you should be able to read that it makes use of 24 drivers. Seemingly unsurprising at first, until you’ve finally realized that this is just a pair of earphones. Jerry Harvey does employ some technological magic with this one as you can take advantage of four low, four mid, and four high frequency drivers on each earpiece, and these have an integrated three-way crossover system. What you will get is a pretty unique yet sweet audio experience. Move away from the hardware spec and feature sheet and take a look at its price, and most people would immediately back out of the deal.

JH Audio Roxanne Review - Great Audio Experience for a Large Price

The JH Audio Roxanne Can Burn a Large Hole Inside Your Wallet

There are a lot of customization options for the JH Audio Roxanne, which follows through with what the firm has in its product lineup. There is a bevy of design options to choose from, and some of these can even add to the overall cost (even more reason to break the bank). One of the reasons as to why it costs so much is because you will need to have you ear impressions made by an audiologist, therefore that’s an added amount lost within your bank account.

As mentioned earlier, the Roxanne boasts a surprising 23 total balanced armature drivers, in which 12 can be found in each earpiece. The proprietary drivers are referred to the brand as “SoundriVe,” and all of these drivers work together using an integrated three-way crossover system. JH even claims that the frequency range goes from 10Hz to 23kHz. Furthermore, the bass response can be varied should you choose to adjust the default setting, which is found on the inline control. Also, the headphones have an impedance of 15-Ohms.

So you’re going to have to pay a lot for the JH Audio Roxanne so it better sound really good, right? When playing music with powerful bass levels, and when the bass response is set to maximum, it will deliver a powerful kick in the lower regions of the audio frequency. What’s more, even when you’re listening at top, unwise volume levels, you would be happy to know that the audio will not distort. Playing some music, such as orchestral tracks, and the depth within the bass is just near excellent. In conclusion, even though these earphones will set you back by a whole lot, you will get a great audio from it as you make use of those 24 drivers.


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