JLab Crasher XL Review – Not What You Think

When you look at rather affordable wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, you would immediately set your expectations low, especially when it comes to the bass levels; thankfully that’s not entirely the case with the JLab Crasher XL. With a rather reasonable price tag, it has three drivers with two passive bass radiators to deliver a relatively decent amount of bass content in your favorite tracks. The audio power is then enclosed within a splash-resistant metallic frame, which is also suitably durable. However, it’s not the perfect speaker on the market, as it does suffer from distortion. What’s more is that the distortion can be found on tracks that do not even have serious deep bass levels.

JLab Crasher XL Review - Not What You Think

The JLab Crasher XL Has a Problem With Distortion

The JLab Crasher XL comes into the market with dimensions of 3.2 x 8.0 x 2.3-inches, and it has a weight of 1.5-pounds. The aforementioned metallic frame comes with rubber panels found along the top, bottom, and sides. This particular model is also IPX6 rated, which means that you can bring it to the poolside with you since it can handle some splashes, or even a slight rain. However, it is not recommended to submerge the speaker in water.

As for the controls, the power, track navigation, volume, and playback controls are all found across the top panel. It should also be noted that the playback button also doubles as a call management control for the speakerphone. As for the volume controls, they work independently with the paired device’s volume levels.

When you look what’s behind the grille of the Crasher XL, you will be met with dual 10-watt, 2-inch drivers, along with a central neodymium 10-watt 1.8-inch driver. With all of these three elements working together, they create 30-watts of power that will work in conjunction with two rear-facing passive bass radiators.

Playing tracks with powerful sub-bass content, this particular speaker does offer a decent level of bass. However, it does tend to distort on higher volume levels, as mentioned earlier. In fact, when the paired device and this particular speaker has their volume levels boosted to max, the vibrations emitted might be too powerful for the rubber bottom panel as the unit will begin to shake and dance across a desktop.

While the JLab Crasher XL does get a lot of things in the right, ultimately you would have to deal with quite a bit of distortion. Even when playing tracks at moderate volumes, you will still be able to hear the distortion.


Where to buy JLab Crasher XL?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this JLab Crasher XL online.

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JLab Crasher XL Review – Not What You Think
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