JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Review – A Winner for Fitness

The JLab Epic2 Bluetooth is one of the latest headphones to grace the company’s wired and wireless products found in its Epic line. It is an in-canal pair of earphones that are made for fitness-centric individuals. One of its main selling points is its truly magnificent fit and it is one that you would be at-ease in finding out that it won’t fall out when you’re rigorously doing your exercise routines. Like many other fitness-centered headphones, this particular unit has a booming bass response. However, if balance and clarity are what you’re looking for, then it’s better to turn towards other devices instead.

JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Review - A Winner for Fitness

The JLab Epic2 Bluetooth May be Your Perfect Partner During Your Exercise Routines

Those interested in purchasing the JLab Epic2 Bluetooth, do know they come in different sets of colors, namely black, blue/gray/teal, and red/white/blue variants. In terms of flashiness, these are the headphones that you would be willing to spend your money on. The pair is even IPX5-rated, which means they can easily brush of water, sweat, and rain without any issue. Furthermore, this also means that they can easily be rinsed off when placed under running water for a quick clean.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main selling points of this pair is that of its secure fit. Not only does it bring you at ease that it won’t easily fall out of your ears, they are also quite comfortable to wear. The company has given you the best chance in experiencing a perfect fit as the standard package of the Epic2 Bluetooth comes with six pairs of eartips that are delivered in different shapes and sizes. The unit also comes with a semi-stiff cabling found near the earpieces that allow for an even more stable loop over your ear. There are also two cable management clinches that allows you to adjust the cable slack for an even more secure fit.

But what of its sound quality? When playing tracks with intense sub-bass content, this pair of earphones will deliver the type of serious trembling and rumble that you would want in an audio-listening device for when you’re jogging around town or when you’re lifting weights at the gym. Even when playing music at unwise listening volumes, the tracks do not distort.

Looking at the JLab Epic2 Bluetooth from a fitness standpoint, then the pair is indeed a clear winner. The secure fit is excellent, and it can even be rinsed off. The big bass is what many are looking for in fitness-centered headphones. However, if you’re looking for an audio performance weighing more on clarity, then it is better to look somewhere else.


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