Jumper EZpad 5S Review – It Looks Familiar

When the Microsoft Surface 3 was released to the public eye, it had a lauded design to which many clones surfaced on the market, and one of those is the Jumper EZpad 5S. It comes to no surprise that even this Chinese tech manufacturer would come to marvel at the design of Microsoft’s offering. In fact, this particular device looks very similar to the Surface 3 on the front. But what about its insides, features, and overall performance? Read on to know how this particular clone of the Microsoft Surface 3 holds out in the competition.

Jumper EZpad 5S Review - It Looks Familiar

The Jumper EZpad 5S Looks so Much Like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Out of the standard packaging, the Jumper EZpad 5S comes with the detachable keyboard, a USB cable, a standard charger, and a stylus. What’s surprising is that there is no mention of the stylus within the product’s page. Also, there are reports that it doesn’t even work when tested on the laptop. So what’s the use of it? Practically nothing.

Even though it does come with its proprietary charger, you won’t have to use another charger because you can charge the EZpad 5S with practically any USB-equipped device and charger. If you’re wondering if you can charge it with portable battery packs, yes, you can do that as well.

So what’s the biggest difference between this creation by Jumper and the original Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in terms of design? It is with regards to the aspect ratio of the display; in simple terms, this device looks more like a stretched out Surface 3. Aside from that, there are practically minute differences between the two, that it might even make a person hard-pressed to search for differences between the two contenders.

Turn on said display and you would be able to find even more differences, but not of the laudable kind. Its IPS display, even though it does promote rather sharp images, lack the ideal contrast that is usually associated with many monitors that offer an above average brightness level. Furthermore, the blacks that it delivers were lacking, and you could not help but notice the glare that is caused by the glass overlay.

While the Jumper EZpad 5S is a better-than-average product, it could not be helped that it will be criticized for its performance and build quality. The battery life is poor, and it would be best for you to just mute the machine at all times because of its poor speakers. For this Microsoft Surface 3 clone, it might be better to just shell out cash for the large price tag of the original model rather than trying to make do with this clone.


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Jumper EZpad 5S Review – It Looks Familiar
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