KEF Egg Review – Premium-Looking and Versatile

When you think about the traditional speaker, the most obvious shape that comes into mind is that of the rectangular variety, but this isn’t the case with the KEF Egg. With a name that sounds like you can purchase it from a grocery store, the pair of speakers can come into your home to fulfill a lot of your audio needs. This is a digital wireless speaker system that can be made into a portable Bluetooth speaker, or be paired with other speakers for a multi-room wireless setup. You can even connect it to your TV, your PC, or perhaps just place it somewhere inside your room and connect it to your mobile device and listen to some of your favorite tracks.

KEF Egg Review - Premium-Looking and Versatile

The KEF Egg Makes a Lot of Sense in so Many Ways

When you lay your eyes for the very first time on the KEF Egg, it is already quite tempting to just reach out for your wallet and pay for whatever price that’s listed on its tag. However, there might be some individuals who would just casually back away once they take a gander at its price tag. This is because you will have to pay top-dollar to get the audio system. However, what you’re going to get is a beautiful speaker system, with a premium build, and a high-end audio performance. Ultimately, this creates a very nice return of investment. In fact, you will immediately feel that once you take it out of its standard packaging.

The design of the Egg is more unique than most, especially when you consider the speaker industry to be riddled with rectangular-shaped models. Aside from the unique appearance (that does come with a superior build quality), it also comes with a high-quality 24-bit/96khz DAC. In other words, it is capable of playing back many high-res digital audio files. It even comes with a built-in 50-watt amplifier. There is also a USB connection in which you will find very useful should you want it to connect to a desktop or laptop PC. It also has a digital optical/3.5-millimeter hybrid jack for your digital connections should you want to connect the speaker system to televisions or analog connections.

So what does the KEF Egg sound like? The audio coming out of the speaker system is poignant, insanely clear, punctual, refined, and classy. Even if you’re not a big fan about the egg design, you will cast all those doubts outside the window when you let it play one of your favorite tracks. Furthermore, it even sounds far larger than what you might think it can originally handle. This is one speaker system that you don’t have to gripe about spending more cash than when purchasing a traditional speaker system. It’s all going to be worth it.


Where to buy KEF Egg?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this KEF Egg online.

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KEF Egg Review – Premium-Looking and Versatile
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