Kenmore 65132 Dryer Review – Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The Kenmore 65132 Dryer is unspeakably plain. As a matter of fact, it is one of the plainest looking dryers you can ever glance upon. It is clad in a very basic design, and the controls found at the top are equally simple. Hence, you won’t write anything about its design, especially if you want to point out about its classy style or sophisticated looks (because there aren’t any). However, turn this appliance on and perhaps everything you would say about it will be thrown out the window. This particular model offers a swift and solid performance, the likes of which makes it very satisfying to use.

Kenmore 65132 Dryer Review - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The Kenmore 65132 Dryer Offers Swift Performance, Despite Having Lackluster Looks

As mentioned eaerlier, the Kenmore 65132 Dryer is arguably the most basic dryer you might ever lay your eyes upon. It is clad in all white, and it looks almost completely unadorned. Furthermore, you cannot deny that it looks like a cube with some controls plastered at its back-mounted control panel, and perhaps said panel is the most appealing element for the entire appliance.

It measures in at 43-inches for its height, 29-inches for its width, and 28-inches for its depth. With these figures, the 65132 Dryer is about the size of a relatively small 7-cubic-foot-capacity drum. When looking at its controls, it is equally sparse as the appliance does not have a lot of bells-and-whistles to flaunt about here. However, at its price point, you won’t be complaining about the lack of extra functionalities.

However, it is wise to learn from the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” or in this case, don’t judge this dryer just because it looks like a giant white cube. Do note that this particular dryer can power through a lot of loads of damp clothing, and those orders can be done faster than most other dryers in the market, even when comparing it to higher-end models.

So if you can get by with its unapologetically plain design, the Kenmore 65132 Dryer is perhaps one of the greater performing dryers money can buy. Furthermore, since it doesn’t have the extra features that would otherwise make its price tag balloon up, the price point is suitably placed at the right location. In fact, because of its performance and pricing model, this particular dryer is even easier to recommend than many other higher-end models on the market.


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