Keyport – A Modular Multi-Tool

If you’ve heard, seen, or even used a Swiss Army Knife, then the Keyport is a similar sort. However, instead of letting you just have a small knife, a way to open your corked drinks, or have a tiny pair of scissors on hand, this particular model allows you to change the tools that you get from it. You can have a bunch of add-ons, and even place your keys in it so that you don’t have to search the entirety of your bag just to get inside your house.

Keyport - A Modular Multi-Tool

Keyport Makes a Great Compact Key Holder

Keyport was made with the idea of having an everyday carry platform for your keys and other small items that you might use on a daily basis. These include the keys to your car or home, certain pocket tools, and even smart technology such as a USB thumb drive. These would normally be placed inside your bag within different pockets, or they’re placed on a keychain that dangle on your bag heavily. The company behind the creation of the product, Keyport, Inc., had a goal in which they would be able to assist in building a person’s own customized universal access device. It was even made to complement your smartphone, as well as to fit an individual’s personal style and needs.

There are two models of the Keyport available, which are the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the Keyport Pivot 1.0. For the former, it is made with aircraft grade aluminum body, a stainless steel frame, nickel-plated brass Nodes, soft-touch removable side plates, an easy-to-remove end cap, a low profile lanyard attachment (which easily locks into place when not in use), 4- or 6-port version, and a wide range of compatible modules to place inside.

As for the Keyport Pivot 1.0, this is a more entry-level product than the Slide 3.0, and it makes getting your compact tools and items even easier to bring around. It is also made with an all-metal aircraft grade aluminum with stainless steel components. It has a special locking mechanism in order to prevent unintended loosening of the modules, and it also has a built-in spring for the right amount of tension. It also has a low profile lanyard attachment, just like with the Slide 3.0.

Keyport, Inc. (at the time of writing) is still working on delivering more modular options for both Keyport models, and these include an emergency phone charger, charger cables for a wider range of electronic devices, and even a universal auto remote.


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