Kindle – How to do a Manual Update

If you’ve ever want to get the latest updates for your Kindle, or perhaps you’ve missed one of the previous updates, then the best way to get those updates immediately is to it manually. But do note that Amazon’s over-the-air updates are, for the most part, usually devoid of problems. However, it can take up to a month of slowly rolling out to its devices across the globe. So if you want to get those updates as soon as the online retailer announces that its available, then the best you can do is to update your device the manual way. Read on to learn how to do it.

Kindle - How to do a Manual Update

Manually Updating Your Kindle

Step 1 – The first step is to know what your Kindle is. If you’re not familiar with the device, know that Kindle is an entire product line as there are a bunch of models out there such as the Paperwhite, or the Fire, or the Fire HD. This is because the updates are quite specific to the model. So if you download an update for the Paperwhite but you have the Fire HD, then note it’s not going to work.

Step 2 – Once you know what your Kindle device is, then head to the Amazon website and check the Updates page for your specific model. Scroll down until you get towards the section for the Kindle devices, because let’s face it, Amazon has a lot of devices. Select the model you have by clicking on it, you should see a download link in the next page that will show up.

Step 3 – But before clicking on said download link, make sure that the update version is higher than the current firmware version of your device. To check, on your Kindle, head to Menu, then Settings, then Menu, and then towards Device info. You should be able to see the firmware version, along with other pieces of information in there.

Step 4 – Now, download the update, and connect your Kindle to the computer using a USB cable, and then copy the update .BIN file into the root directory of your device. Take note that this file should be at the top level folder in the device. Eject the device safely, and on your device go to Menu, and then to Settings. While within the Settings menu, find and select the item that says “Update Your Kindle.” Tap on it, and press on OK. Your device should automatically detect the update within it, and as soon as your device reboots, go back to the device information page and it should display that the firmware has been updated to the latest one.


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