Kindle Oasis Review – For the 1-Percent

With the rise of mobile tablets and phablets, the need for e-readers have started to wane down, but that doesn’t mean that the Kindle Oasis won’t do a good job at what it can do best. This e-reader is perhaps akin to an all-you-can-eat steak buffet or that of a coffee with a hefty $80 price tag. This device, albeit has a pretty minimalistic feature offering, is priced quite high. While it does deliver a pretty decent performance for reading e-books, it is not enough to justify the largeness that is its price tag.

Kindle Oasis Review - For the 1-Percent

The Kindle Oasis is the Best and Priciest E-Reader To-Date

Unsurprisingly, the Kindle Oasis comes with the famous online retailer’s most recent Kindle operating system, in which it did launch to the company’s e-readers back in February. The new operating system is mostly an organizational facelift rather than being called a real update. If you’re familiar with the old operating system, you will be quite surprised with the new display. Now, the home screen will show the most recent books that you’ve been reading and they can be found on the top left. Also, there’s a selection of recommended titles that can be added to your wish list that can be found at the bottom. There are also new features added in like something similar to airplane mode, as well as data syncing right from the Oasis’ toolbar.

It comes to no surprise that reading books and black-and-white comics on the Oasis e-reader looks really great. The company has pretty much mastered the art of the Voyage’s 300-pxel-per-inch (ppi) pixel density E-Ink screen. This makes text and images on the e-reader pin sharp while maintaining a supreme contrast towards the display. The experience is completely different from what you would normally experience on using a smartphone or a tablet.

In terms of its design, if you’re a big fan of e-readers, then you might not want to look at any other similar device ever again. It exudes luxury from all sides, and the device is not that heavy, even when the case is connected. You wouldn’t find any problems with it when you’re reading a few pages of your favorite e-books while holding it on the subway.

Even though this is perhaps the best e-reader in today’s market, the Kindle Oasis does very little to justify the extreme heft in its price tag. We do get it that Amazon wants to place this device into the premium gadget market, but it does make users wanting more, especially with the amount of money you have to shell out to get it.


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Kindle Oasis Review – For the 1-Percent
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