Kingdom Hearts III – Fans Still Anticipating a Release Date

Square Enix has been known to have created amazing videogame titles such as the Final Fantasy series; however, they have recently become under fire by the large fanbase of the Kingdom Hearts franchise as the studio has just recently announced that the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III will not make another appearance until at least mid-2017.

Kingdom Hearts III - Fans Still Anticipating a Release Date

Fans of Kingdom Hearts III Enraged by Latest Announcement

Even though Square Enix keeps on delaying fans of Kingdom Hearts III by showing as little glimpses of the game as possible over extended periods of time, the game creators, however, have not ceased to release yet another HD compilation in hopes to quell the anticipation that the fanbase is feeling. The next Kingdom Hearts game that will arrive for the PlayStation 4 is called Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (that’s a mouthful of a title).

The compilation will contain a remaster of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, which was originally released for the 3ds, and a cinematic segment called “Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover,” wherein the “χ” symbol is pronounced as “ki.” There is also another chapter that continues on the story for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep in which it will show the continued efforts of Aqua as she tries to get out of the dark realm.

While there are many who would rather want the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of Kingdom Hearts 2.8, the long waiting period is not part of delays but the extensive efforts from the developers to create a game that will appease its many fans. Although there is still very little to expect from the title, and there is still no specific date as to when the game will hit consoles, perhaps the forgiving moment from Square Enix is when they announced the simultaneous worldwide launch date of Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and that will happen on December of this year.

According to what has been seen with the trailers for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, it offers three parts. One is that it will boast a more theatrical feel as what can be experienced from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Two, the new chapter will focus on an all-new mission for Aqua within the Fragmentary Passage. And three, the developer has opt for a cinematic approach to accentuate the scenes from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Cover.

Despite reports hinting of the release date for Kingdom Hearts III to be on April 2017, the studio’s fiscal report did not include such information in the list of games that will be released on March of next year.


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Kingdom Hearts III – Fans Still Anticipating a Release Date
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