Kitsound Outrun Review – Wireless on the Budget

If you’re looking for a way to listen to your favorite tracks without the added hassle of wires or cords getting tangled, then perhaps the Kitsound Outrun might be worth the check. It is a budget-friendly pair of headphones that can even withstand sweat. It’s an affordable sport Bluetooth pair with a band that runs around the back of your neck for security, and you don’t have to worry about the earpieces falling off of your ear because of the ear-hook design. It gives off a fairly decent sound performance at first, but listen long enough and you would know it does have some problems in the audio department. Not to mention that it’s not the most comfortable pair on the market.

Kitsound Outrun Review - Wireless on the Budget

The Kitsound Outrun Has Some Cut Corners, Possibly Due to the Low Price Tag

As mentioned earlier, the Kitsound Outrun has a neckband style going on, and the band goes around and behind the neck. However, it does provide less of a design challenge as compared to some “modern” wireless headphones on the market (shout out to the new Apple AirPods). With the use of the cable connecting the two earpieces together, this particular model does offer a bit of space for the batteries and other necessary electronics.

Speaking of these earpieces, they are fairly large, even for conventional standards. When looking at it for the first time without wearing the Outrun yet, the design does promote a bit of sensibility as these are sweat proof, which means that you can bring them along your jogging runs or when you go to the gym. However, when actually using them, they do tend to be quite problematic in the comfort department. For starters, the remote found on the neckband area can snag to some things sometimes, and it can even pull the right earpiece off of your ear.

But what about the sound of the Kitsound Outrun? The audio quality is highly dependent on your choice of sound profiles. Should you want to hear the noise of the outside world, then you should replace the eartip for the smaller one with the larger ear hook. With the use of this eartip, the bass is reduced by a lot. While it does promote a more balanced audio frequency, this might not be what you would be looking for in a sport headphone. After all, the kick in the bass plays an important role in letting you get more out of your workout routines. Ultimately, there are a lot of other budget-friendly options out there that can do a whole lot better.


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Kitsound Outrun Review – Wireless on the Budget
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