KX Music Player – Free Music App Review

The KX Music Player brings more life to your tracks inside your mobile device. This local music-playing app has an intuitive Equalizer so you can fine-tune your audio files to your preferred sound quality. You can even adjust the right sound effect that you want with a simple slide of a finger. The graphical user interface is simple enough that you won’t spend a ton of time in just trying to learn where to find things. This is a free music-playing app that is designed for audiophiles and casual music listeners.

KX Music Player - Free Music App Review

The KX Music Player Mobile Application is Designed for Many Types of Music Enthusiasts

What are the features included with the KX Music Player mobile application? The key features include the ability to quickly browse and play the audio files found within your device and the app also supports a multitude of audio file formats. Supported file formats include mp3, mp2, ogg, aiff, aac, xm, mod, umx, mp4, m4a, mp1, wav, midi, 3gp, it, mtm, mo3, and ota.

Other features include the use of a 5-band equalizer, virtualizer effect, bass booster, reverberation, stereo LED VI meter, 3D surround sound capabilities, notification status support with built-in controls, headset support, shuffle and repeat play options, deleting songs straight from the KX Music Player app, and the creation and editing of playlists.

Perhaps the best highlight of this particular free music-playing app is its 5-band equalizer. Using it is very smooth, and the effects can be heard almost immediately. There are also 17-types of preset music tones that you can select for those who don’t want to spend any more time in tweaking their preferred audio tastes. The equalizer presets include Normal, Dance, Folk, Hip Hop, Hass, Rock, Pop, Ra7b, Latin, Electronic, Vocal Booster, and others.

If you’re the type to want to “watch” your audio playing on your device’s screen, then you can activate the device’s visualizer option wherein you can see graphics, such as rays of light, dancing around on your screen in sync with how the audio file is playing.

You might not even look at any other music playing apps within Google Play after you’ve tried out KX Music Player. In fact, one Google User with the username of Anna-Koharu Ethridge says that it is “Simply the best! I’ve tried them all. Clear, crisp sound w/ an equalizer that’s unbeatable. I recommend it to my friends, and I recommend that you try it out.”


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