Kyocera Hydro View Review – Waterproof on the Budget

For the Kyocera Hydro View, it is the case of WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). This is quite the budget-friendly phone, but with it comes an above-average build quality along with a bright display, AND it’s waterproof. Hence, this could be a solid choice for people who like to go on outdoor adventures while still staying within the borders of their spending allowances. However, it does contain dated software and hardware, which ultimately means it is more difficult to recommend than other budget-friendly offerings on the market.

Kyocera Hydro View Review - Waterproof on the Budget

The Kyocera Hydro View Makes it Ideal for Outdoor Adventures, and Not so Much for Everyone Else

For the Kyocera Hydro View. you will get a chunky black slab, which is pretty common for smartphones found at the budget-friendly price class. For its dimensions, it comes with measurements of 5.5 x 2.8 x 0.4-inches, and it weighs 4.9-ounces. For comparison’s sake, this is roughly the same figures for the size and weight of the LG Escape 3. Hence, it is still quite easy to use with a single hand, and the grip is also assisted with the soft-touch plastic material found in its back cover.

Looking at the right side of the unit, you will be able to find the power button, whereas the volume rocker can be found on the left. The 3.5-millimeter audio jack can be found up top, and the microUSB port (used for charging and data transfer) can be found at the bottom. You can peel off the back cover, which will then give you access to an integrated microSD and SIM card slot.

If you’re familiar with the Kyocera brand, then do know they offer waterproof smartphones, and the Hydro View is no exception. It is IP57-rated, which means that it is capable of withstanding depths of up to 3.28-feet under water for up to 30-minutes. It will most definitely still work when you try to clean it under running water. You can still use the screen even when wet, albeit it won’t be as responsive.

Powering the Kyocera Hydro View is a dated Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor that is clocked in at 1.1GHz. When it comes to basic performance, it does come out with pretty impressive results. But use it for anything else that would put a bit of a strain on the processing power, and you will be met with stuttering and lag. Camera performance won’t win any awards either. Still, this smartphone is inexpensive enough to be picked up immediately if you need an emergency handset for your outdoor adventures.


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