Laptops – Know the Best in the Biz

If you’re ever in the market looking for laptops, then chances are you already have a clear reason in mind as to why you’re about to make that purchase. For people in businesses, you would be looking for a portable computer for you to, well, do your business better. But there are some things that you should ask yourself so that you won’t blatantly pull out your wallet and regret it later. Asking yourself some questions such as “Will the device prioritize weight, battery life, or power?” will ultimately save you with a whole lot of regret later on. Or, you can just read on to make your decision making a whole lot easier.

Laptops - Know the Best in the Biz

Know the Best Laptops for Business-Centric Individuals

First up on this short list of the best laptops for business is the Dell XPS 13. In fact, this is arguably the best Windows-powered laptop out there that is clearly made for businesses. Its best feature is the way that the company has all but eliminated the screen’s bezel as it has been made to have the size of a hair’s breadth. This loss of the bezel also means that the machine is incredibly light, so you wouldn’t have any trouble putting it inside your bag and lugging it around. It is also offered in many configurations, and the basic model will net you an Intel i5 chip, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage. It even has an Full HD resolution screen for when you want to take a break and watch a movie (or two, or three).

But Windows laptops are not the only devices that will give you a better way to do your office-related work, as an Apple device is still a very strong option. Take the Apple MacBook Pro as a prime example; its main selling point when it comes to being advertised towards business-centric individuals is its speed and power. In fact, these properties have made the laptop future-proofed. Even if Apple were to release the machine later this year, it will still be a very competent workhorse for all of your work-related tasks.

As we move forward in time, so did technology for laptops as we are now graced with hybrid devices that can work as a notebook and as a tablet, just like the HP Spectre X360 13. With this 2-in-1 device, it has high-end hardware specifications, but its main selling point is that of its screen flexibility. This is perfect for business people who need to immediately show something to their clients (or to their boss) without having to try and rotate a large laptop around (because let’s face it, that can be a hassle).


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Laptops – Know the Best in the Biz
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