Laya Music Player – Free Music App Review

If you’re looking for a free music-playing app that doesn’t take too much space within your device’s storage space nor does it eat up a lot of RAM, then perhaps you might want to check out the Laya Music Player. What makes this particular music-playing app great to use is its simplistic nature. Even though it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you might find in other apps, there are those that will find it a refreshing experience because just about everything within the application can easily be searched. There is also a good number of features that make the app a joy to use.

Laya Music Player – Free Music App Review

The Laya Music Player is a Joy to Use

So what are the key features included with the Laya Music Player mobile application? For one, and as mentioned earlier, the simple graphical user interface (GUI) lets users browse and play music without too much hassle as searching through the files can be done within mere seconds. Tracks and files are sorted by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders, and genres. There is also a navigation drawer that will effectively let you manage your music library that has already been sorted through different music genres.

Other features within the Laya Music Player app include an Auto-Off feature to let the application stop playing music after a set time interval, the ability to let users choose between light and dark themes, dragging and dropping files within play queues and playlists to sort the order of tracks, playlist management, and let songs play in either Shuffle or Repeat mode. You can also make use of a 5-band equalizer with built-in presets such as Classic, Folk, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Heavy Metal, Jazz, and Rock. The app also supports all the standard music file formats such as mp3, AMR, AAC, MIDI, FLAC, PCM,and Vorbis.

There’s also podcast support and a video file browser within the Laya Music Player mobile application. In fact, the features listed here are not the end of it as the list goes further on. So if you do want a free music playing app that gives you a ton of functionalities with an easy-to-use GUI, then perhaps with this app, your search is now over. There’s even one Google User that had the following to say: “Overall better than average junk on google play. (version 4.1) works fine on my android 6.0.1. (+) Simple interface (+) Can browse folders (+) Not bloated by useless functions (-) Very limited setting of functionality and appearance”


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