LeEco LePro 3 Review – Reasonably Cheap, But Won’t Win Awards

The LeEco LePro 3 enters the budget-friendly market, and there are a lot of people who might get this as their secondary smartphone. It does have a pretty decent battery life, and it might even win against other smartphones within this category and within the same price class. However, it ultimately falls short because of a number of reasons, which include a problematic user-interface and an underwhelming camera performance.

LeEco LePro 3 Review - Reasonably Cheap, But Won't Win Awards

The Battery Life is the Best Feature of the LeEco LePro 3

Taking a feel for the LeEco LePro 3, you would notice that it is suitably solid with its unibody construction. It gains added points because of this element, and it even has angled edges to keep it from slipping out of your hand while using it. Speaking of its edges, they also have a different finish as compared to the rest of the phone. Because of this unique material surrounding the edges, it catches light in some interesting ways.

Even though the build quality is above average, the design of the LePro 3, on the other hand, is mostly underwhelming. It looks just like any other handset; which means it clearly doesn’t want to move away from the crowd in this department. The brushed-metal finish in its unibody design feels outdated than most. Furthermore, this is one of the heavier smartphones you can have, and due to its size, don’t expect it to fit comfortably inside your pants pocket. Also, you would have a bit of a hard team fitting it inside your pocket if you’re a fan of wearing skinny jeans.

Looking at the inside, the smartphone has the Snapdragon 821 processor, and at the time of writing this is the most advanced mobile processor available. For those who are not in the know, this is the same processing chip being used by the Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3T. With this kind of power, basic tasks such as launching messaging, email, and calling apps are a breeze. Quitting the applications promote a similar experience as well.

As for the rear camera performance, the LeEco LePro 3 can take good pictures, but it’s definitely no Google Pixel camera. It is pretty good when there’s sufficient amount of lighting within the area, otherwise there will be a ton of picture noise. Colors are also pretty decent but lack a definite “pop” in them. Overall, while this smartphone definitely has some decent points, there are other budget-friendly options on the market that can definitely do better.


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LeEco LePro 3 Review – Reasonably Cheap, But Won’t Win Awards
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