Lenovo Yoga 900S Review – Impressively Light

When the Lenovo Yoga 900S was launched, it bore the design of a 12-inch 2-in-1 laptop that has a thinner architecture than the MacBook while still being able to bring out full-sized USB 3.0 ports. Beyond its thin frame, this hybrid device does come with a fast processor, an amazing battery life, and a sharp screen. However, its asking price is a steep one, and although Lenovo dubs this as the thinnest 2-in-1 device in today’s market, it does come with a demanding premium.

Lenovo Yoga 900S Review - Impressively Light

The Lenovo Yoga 900S Can Hurt Your Wallet

For those who thought that the Lenovo Yoga 900S is a slimmed out version of the Lenovo Yoga 900, you are correct. For the laptop’s overall design, it bears a strikingly similar resemblance to the company’s flagship hybrid model. For instance, there’s the magnesium casing, the watchband-inspired hinge, and the leatherette interior wherein both devices share.

While almost completely borrowing the Yoga 900’s design is not a bad thing, the company doesn’t have to make any major changes to the newer model practically because it already works and looks good enough. In other words, if it’s not broken, then why bother fixing it.

The Yoga 900S has a premium design that does not need to resort to any bling such as a tacky gold finish or obnoxious rhinestones just to separate itself from the crowd. Even though this particular hybrid device is already the third model to feature the exquisite watchband hinge, it is still an marvelous feat to, well, marvel at as it makes a gimmick as if the device is defying the laws of physics.

Its “thickness” is only at 12.8-millimeters and it only weighs 0.99-kilograms, which makes this model an inch thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It is even a hair thinner than Apple’s latest MacBook, but a bit heavier. And do take note that those measurements are with the touchscreen already.

When comparing the 900S over the MacBook, the former includes full-sized USB 3.0 ports to the mix of features as well as a USB-C connectivity. Furthermore, the touchpad will also click when pressed down. The device also houses a keyboard with a deeper, albeit slightly, key travel. Therefore, with everything put together, you get a laptop that is a bit on the small size. Well, at the very least, it does offer a smooth, glass-lined surface.

Aside from its premium offerings, the Lenovo Yoga 900S does offer a surprisingly good battery life and an above average screen. But in terms of its prowess in some aspects pertaining to performance, there are other 2-in-1 devices that can do better, and at a smaller price point.


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Lenovo Yoga 900S Review – Impressively Light
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