LG 65UH8500 Review – Stylish AND Intuitive

LG is one of the prime leaders in technology, and the company has brought a good long list of products into the tech sector, and one of those is the LG 65UH8500. It is a fantastic TV, and it has excellent features, decent performance, a great design, and durable build quality, all of which are placed in a reasonably-priced package. It even has a superb high dynamic range (HDR) performance, and can even handle 4K UHD content. While this is still not the cheapest TV you can find on today’s market, all those features packed into it justifies its price tag by every bit.

LG 65UH8500 Review - Stylish AND Intuitive

The LG 65UH8500 is a 65-inch Marvel of an OLED TV

The LG 65UH8500 continues with the “thin is in” trend as the TV has minimal bezels and a slim profile. However, this is not as thin as the company’s own OLED65G6P, but it is still quite the looker and it still very sleek. The bezel-free screen is placed in front of a curved, silver frame, and the active portion of the screen takes up most of the pane. There is just a small black edge flush against it and it would otherwise make the entire device completely bezel-free. All of these promote for an attractive design choice, and it brings about a TV that is not overly flashy, but one that can still turn heads.

The screen itself is made of a flat, black glass, and the rear end of the 65UH8500 is of the curved, white plastic sort. There are three HDMI ports and three USB ports located at the small recess at the back, and for those who are asking, these ports are all facing left. There are also component video inputs, as well as a 3.5-millimeter audio jack at the rear. There are also other connectivity options available such as Ethernet and even an antenna/cable connector.

As for the picture performance of this TV, it doesn’t have the perfect blacks that you would normally expect from a large-screened, high-end unit. Nevertheless, it is still a strong performer in the contrast and color department. Furthermore, it is even placed in a lower price point among other similar types of TVs, which does make it all the more reasonable to acquire such a unit for home entertainment purposes, despite some drawbacks.

The LG 65UH8500 is not as technically impressive as some other high-end TVs on the market, but it is also not as expensive as others. There are, of course, other, more compelling devices on the market, but they most of them are placed in a higher price point. For those who want a fantastic overall performance with a good feature set (with a design that is incredibly stylish) and placed at a decent price point, then perhaps your search is over.


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LG 65UH8500 Review – Stylish AND Intuitive
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