LG OLED55C6V Review – A Future-Proofed TV

The LG OLED55C6V is the first TV in the company’s 2016 OLED series. It does cost quite a hefty sum of money, but this 55-inch model has a curved screen, and it does arrive with the new support for Dolby Vision’s high dynamic range (HDR) technology. As per LG, it packs a significantly improved picture performance when comparing it with the company’s own premium 2015 OLED models.

LG OLED55C6V Review - A Future-Proofed TV

The LG OLED55C6V is Close to TV Perfection

First, let’s talk about the curved screen on the LG OLED55C6V. It is on the shallow side as far as things go; however, because of the curvature, it does lead to some distortions and onscreen reflections, especially if you’re watching in a brightly lit room and the light source is opposite of the screen. But onto its more positive aspects, the curvature does add to the luxury of its already premium design. The view also serves to highlight the beautiful, glinting silver trim located at the screen’s outer edges. Simply put, any LCD screen that is aspiring to try to outperform an OLED design might as well just give up now and spare the shame.

For its connections, the OLED55C6V are made to be effective rather than being showy. These are on account with regards to the inclusion of only three HDMI ports when TVs with this size and price point would generally have four. Two of the HDMI ports support Ultra HD and HDR streams. But you can also allow for playback for other multimedia collections through the three USB ports. The TV also has wireless capabilities and you can connect the unit through a wireless network either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

LG has greatly increased the brightness levels for this particular OLED TV, and this is critical when properly delivering HDR footage and images. The company also claims that the technology built into the device with regards to brightness will simultaneously reduce the issues pertaining to light “banding” as well as with black-level loss. These are problems that are more commonly seen from the company’s own 2015 models.

With the extra brightness being delivered by the LG OLED55C6V, it means that there’s less of a chance for the dark areas to be questionably bright when looking at HDR images. It now delivers exceptional HDR response and also provides a terrific foundation for the rest of the color palette to “strut their stuff.” Overall, if you have the cash and the space to spend for an OLED TV, then don’t think twice about getting this set.


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