LG OLED65B6P Review – The Company’s Most Affordable 4K HDR TV To-Date

The LG OLED65B6P is an OLED TV that supports 4K UHD and HDR playback. Reading that previous statement, you might be wondering if there’s anything new on offer for this particular television set. Well, if there is one thing that can definitely catch your eye, it is its price tag. This is arguably the most affordable 4K HDR TV LG has an offer, to-date. It costs less-than-half of the LG Signature OLEDG6P, which is great for anyone looking to upgrade their current television set to experience the wonders of 4K UHD and high dynamic range (HDR) playback.

LG OLED65B6P Review - The Company's Most Affordable 4K HDR TV To-Date

The LG OLED65B6P is a Solid Choice Because of its Price Tag

Just like with practically ever OLED TV LG has created, the LG OLED65B6P offers an incredibly slim and striking design. The screen is bordered by a black frame that is only 0.3-inch thick. Furthermore, said border is made out of the same glass material that covers the screen itself. Both the screen and the border is then ringed by a brushed metal band running along the edges of the television set. All of these sit on a flat, trapezoidal stand of brushed black plastic.

Found at the center of the bottom edge of the OLED65B6P is a very small control stick. It can be found just right behind the LG logo. When using it, users are able to adjust the volume, make it act as a power button to turn the device on and off, and it can offer direct access towards the settings menu or the input selection.

Just like many other modern TVs that LG places on the market, this particular set comes with a motion-sensing Magic Remote. The remote is that of a curved black wand that has a prominent circular direction pad, as well as a clickable scroll wheel, found in the center of the peripheral. Furthermore, it can control an on-screen cursor just like what you would do with an air mouse. All you have to do is wave the remote around to move the cursor.

Even though the LG OLED65B6P is the most affordable 4K UHD HDR TV that the company has on offer as of late, don’t think for a second that it delivers subpar picture quality. When playing movies from UHD Blu-Ray discs, details still look absolutely fantastic. The contrast comes with inky blacks and brightly lit subjects. Ultimately, this is one that you should be setting your sights on if you want to upgrade your current TV.


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LG OLED65B6P Review – The Company’s Most Affordable 4K HDR TV To-Date
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