LG OLED65G6 Review – A Real Beauty, if You Can Handle the Price

The LG OLED65G6 is hailed as the flagship 65-inch TV of the company, and it combines its native 4K UHD OLED display with high dynamic range (HDR) support. Furthermore, the design of the TV is nothing short of breathtaking. However, one look at its price tag and you might shy away from the unit. But if you have the cash, and you try it out for the first time, then the features and overall experience might make you want to break the bank anyway.

LG OLED65G6 Review - A Real Beauty, if You Can Handle the Price

The LG OLED65G6 Has a Real Killer of a Price Tag, But it Might All be Worth it

If you were to take a quick glance at the LG OLED65G6, you might not be able to stop your mouth from saying “wow.” It uses a “Picture on Glass” design, where an OLED “film” is mounted directly onto it. The resulting effect is that the screen is so thin that it is hardly visible when looking at it from the side. But nevertheless, there is a healthy lot of connections and electronics found on the base plate. This is a clever trick so that this plate will double as the TV’s wall mount. All you have to do is just swing it back behind the screen and it can already be mounted on your wall.

There is also a soundbar directly attached to the front of the mounting plate on the OLED65G6. This neat addition can also be found in the brand’s own OLED65E6. What this is able to do is to cleverly feature speakers in its top edge and also with its front edge. Therefore, you will always get forward-firing sound whether or not you swing the base backwards for wall-mounting.

Looking at its picture performance, this particular TV has a warmer tone than your standard picture setting, especially when comparing it with the company’s E6 series. It does contribute to a more cinematic and convincing look whenever you’re watching HDR videos, which is an added bonus. But what is really mind-blowing is the pictures being displayed are attractively sharp. Furthermore, it would seem to contain more color detail than many others within a similar price range.

With great design, superior sound quality, and an incredible picture performance, you might not bother spending the entire weight of the price tag of the LG OLED65G6 just so that you can take a look at the stunning experience each and every day.


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