LG OLEDB6P Series Review – Best Image Quality for the Price

One look at the LG OLEDB6P Series TVs and you would know that it is everything that you would have ever expected. Even if you sit in front of it watching your favorite shows and movies, or playing videogames on it for hours on end, you wouldn’t get tired on the picture quality they are able to bring. Even though you might expect that you are going to get your money’s worth, perhaps nothing can prepare you from the absolute sheer quality of the footage being displayed on the screens.

LG OLEDB6P Series Review - Best Image Quality for the Price

The LG OLEDB6P Series TVs Might Cost a Lot, But You Are Going to Get Your Money’s Worth, and Perhaps Even More

There are plenty of LCD TVs that do sport the “thin is in” trend, and that notion can sometimes be seen with OLED TVs; speaking of which, that premise is certainly apparent with the LG OLEDB6P Series. For the top half of the B6, you will just find the OLED panel itself. While it is slim, there is enough structure to support it. If you want to know how “thick” it is, then know that it is only 0.18-inches in depth. For the bottom half, where the electronics are stored, as well as the power supply and inputs, it is thicker but by just only under two inches.

If there was something that is lacking on the LG OLEDB6P that would be the striking picture-on-glass design, and this property was found on the more expensive LG OLEDs TVs. Nevertheless, the entire package is beautiful for every unit within the range. Just about everywhere you glance at the unit (sans the bottom part) is all picture. There is only a tiny LG logo donning the upper half of the TVs. As for the stand, it is angular and is that of a darker shade of silver. There is also a mass of transparent plastic located at the back to create the illusion of a “floaty” look.

OLED TVs are known for their really great picture quality, and the LG OLEDB6P Series TVs present one of the best in the biz. The B6 and E6 models found in the series do improve on the EF9500, in which this was launched last year. While the TVs in the series are not perfect in terms of picture quality, it is still nothing short of breathtaking. As a matter of fact, the quality is better than just about any LCD TV that you can compare these with. If you do want to purchase one of these beauties, then be prepared to make your wallet cry.


Where to buy LG OLEDB6P Smart Tv?

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