LG Stylus 2 Review – Under-Equipped and Overpriced

It might be a curious year for LG, and that trend continues on with the LG Stylus 2. This is a mid-range phablet that does have a couple of features that do stand out. However, does a device with a DAB+ radio, along with an improved stylus, would be able to beat the competition? Well, within its price category as you would take note of the strength of other contenders within the market, and the fact that the aforementioned features are perhaps the only ones that stand out from the rest of its offerings, then it would suggest that it could not.

LG Stylus 2 Review - Under-Equipped and Overpriced

The LG Stylus 2 Falls Short of the Competition

The smartphone manufacturer was capable of putting a device that approached the premium end of the market with the G5, so it does make you question the existence of the LG Stylus 2. This is more like the company’s own G3, but it sounds more like an over-advertised infomercial. This particular smartphone does share some of the G3’s elements, specifically when it comes to design. It has the rounded back, rear-mounted buttons, and the plastic construction that can be found on the LG G3.

It is also surprising that the Stylus 2 is fairly slim but it is not overly thin as its thickness is at 7.4-millimeters. Therefore, there’s ample space on its rounded plastic sides. Hence, the aforementioned rear-mounted buttons do come as something of a design affectation.

When it comes to ergonomics, this smartphone is pleasant enough to hold in the hand, despite it having a fairly large 5.7-inch display. The phone doesn’t feel ridiculously big, especially when compared to other devices that pass the 6-inch mark. Still, its relative thinness and surprising lightweight (145-grams) does contribute to its appeal.

However, you’re not probably going to get a phone, or a phablet for that matter, just for its looks, right? You would have to take a look at its other features and hardware specs as well. So how does this LG smartphone compare with others in these departments? Well, not so much.

While it does have an improved stylus, the addition of a DAB+ radio, the LG Stylus 2 has an underwhelming display. Furthermore, the performance is just pretty decent. While that’s okay, it shouldn’t be when you take a look at its price tag. This is an overpriced phone that has too few features on offer. With that being said, you’d be better off with other phablets available on the market.


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