LG Watch Urbane Review – Beautiful But Not for Everyone

Out of the box, you could immediately tell that the LG Watch Urbane is the pricier twin of the LG G Watch R. It is absolutely stunning to look at, therefore you wouldn’t mind wearing it everywhere you would want to go. It also has quite the decent battery life. But what it does have in looks makes it fall short in terms of feature offerings. For one, it does not have a built-in GPS. Furthermore, considering its price tag, this smartwatch is clearly not for everyone.

LG Watch Urbane Review - Beautiful But Not for Everyone

The LG Watch Urbane Might Turn Down Some Customers Because of its Price

For the LG Watch Urbane, the company aims to live up to the notion of “third time’s the charm.” It delivers a premium design, and it does bring about more functionalities than its two predecessors. However, the smartwatch might be considered as a mere update rather than an entirely new offering. This is essentially just a more premium-looking G Watch R, with almost the same dimensions and hardware specs, that has been given some new features to the mix.

But with its large price tag aside, the Urbane still maintains, and even enhances that distinct look. But it also means that it is offered into a particular niche, especially the high-end one. Despite the various images that you can find online about women sporting the wearable tech, the watch’s design still maintains a certain look that businessmen won’t mind wearing it on their wrists.

This newer smartwatch from LG has been updated with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow software. Therefore, it does offer some battery optimization functionalities, as well as an expanded gesture support.

For its display, it sports a 1.3-inch P-OLED screen with dimensions of 320 x 320-millimeters. Pixel density comes out as 245-pixels-per-inch, which does match the G Watch R’s screen to a tee. However, when comparing that pixel density to the likes of the Huawei Watch (in which it has 286-pixels-per-inch for its screen), then it does pale in comparison.

Due to the lower pixel density, the screen of the LG Watch Urbane is lovely to look at, but there are times when images do look pixelated. Well, it does depend on which watch face you use on it. Speaking of watch faces, the pre-installed ones don’t offer much of the “wow” factor. Overall, this is still a pretty decent offering from a luxury smartwatch, but it is perhaps meant for only loyal fans of LG. For everyone else, then perhaps you might want to take a look at other similarly-priced wearable techs on the market.


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