LG X Screen Review – A Mid-Range Phone With a Second Screen

If this is the first time you’ve heard about the LG X Screen, then its moniker might make you think that it has something to do with its display. Perhaps it is sharper than other models, or that it delivers a higher resolution than other handsets from LG. But the truth is that it’s more interesting than those aspects. As this is a mid-range phone, and a modestly-sized Android smartphone at that, it does have one feature that can be found in higher-end handsets in the market – an always-on second screen. This secondary display can immediately be found above the main one. If you think this setup is familiar, that is because it first debuted for the LG V10.

LG X Screen Review - A Mid-Range Phone With a Second Screen

The LG X Screen Follows in the Footsteps of the LG V10

For its design, it would seem that the LG X Screen takes on some pointers from its great local rival, Samsung. Particularly for the device’s rear, it looks a lot like it is almost a direct copy of the Samsung Galaxy S7. But what really speaks to many when looking at its behind is the all-glass casing at the back, which does promote a familiar sense of luxury. Then there’s also the shape and the positioning of the rear snapper.

When you take a look at its side, you will notice that the X Screen is actually quite thin with just 7.1-millimeters for its “thickness.” However, flipping it to its side also means a clear sign that it is a mid-ranged smartphone as it has that dreaded faux-metal plastic edging. The device’s rounded edges are a curious mixture of two thin section of plain black plastic with a questionable aluminum-effect plastic in the middle.

It can easily be said that the main selling point of this smartphone is the secondary display. Prior to this phone having the feature, it first debuted for the company’s V10 smartphone, which had launched back in late 2015. With this smaller offering placed at a mid-range price point, the second display is able to deliver more impact to a wider audience. This display measures in at 1.76-inches with a 520 x 80 pixel resolution. Oh, and it’s always on as it gives you information about time, battery level, the date, and other relevant notifications that pop up from your apps.

Overall, the LG X Screen is a strong performer and if you want to purchase this, then you’re not just going to get the useful gimmick of the secondary screen as its hardware specs are nothing to laugh at for its price. It even has a fluid user-interface and a decent battery life.


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LG X Screen Review – A Mid-Range Phone With a Second Screen
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