Libratone One Click Review – High in Fashion

The Libratone One Click is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that draws attention to itself. Simply put, this speaker is begging to have its own magazine spread, or even a centerfold piece. It easily earns the highest marks in terms of looks. Aside from that, it can reach really high volume levels. But in terms of audio quality, you can find others that can perform better at a similar price point.

Libratone One Click Review - High in Fashion

The Libratone One Click is All About Fashion, Not Much About Audio Quality

The vast majority of mid-range portable Bluetooth speakers on the market sport the rectangular “brick” design, and thankfully the Libratone One Click is not one of them. It has its very own clutch bag, that is just slightly larger than the usual similarly designed speakers you can find on the market. However, this one is not as thick as its competitors. The size of the overall package is similar to your average hardbound book.

Rather than being a slab of just a speaker, the Libratone One Click Bluetooth speaker has a core wherein most of the sound will come out of, and a rubbery casing that will form the device’s sides. Found along the rubber shell are five humps, and they do give the speaker a bit of a low-key ruggedness to it. However, and once again, there’s more to it than just that.

In its standard packaging, you will be able to find two metal fasteners, along with a rubber hoop. Each of these elements will fit into any of those aforementioned five humps along with the speaker’s sides. The rubber strap will form a carry-on handle when attached to the metal fasteners.

Most speakers located at a similar price class will tend to use about two tiny drivers that are backed up by a bass radiator. With this kind of setup, it will amplify the bass levels, which means that it is possible for such speakers to dish out impressive low-end power. For the One Click, it makes full use of its rather generously compact size. There is only one small treble driver, but it has a larger 3-inch bass driver and a passive radiator. In theory, this setup allows the unit to punch out greater control for its low-end frequencies.

For the most part, the audio performance for the Libratone One Click does a pretty decent job, especially in the low-end areas of the audio spectrum. Also, the volume levels can get pretty loud, which is pretty impressive considering the device’s tiny frame. Still, there are other similarly priced Bluetooth speakers that can do better in the sound quality department. But if fashion is one of your main reasons in looking for a portable speaker, then you might want to, at the very least, check this one out.


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