LinkedIn – How to Change Your Password

People and businesses use LinkedIn for a bunch of reasons. For those looking to land a job, they update their virtual CV within the online platform. For companies, they are able to do their marketing within the website, update the status of their employees, and even post updates regarding new products and services. But before you can access all those, you would have to, of course, enter your account. And to do that, you would have to input your password. If you want to change your password within the portal, read on to learn more on how to do it.

LinkedIn - How to Change Your Password

How to Change Your Password in LinkedIn

The main reason why you need to change your password in LinkedIn can differ for each person. However, it is all about beefing up security to protect the information with the account. But there’s also a very good reason why you should, at the very least, update your personal password for your account. Why? Because the company has already admitted that there are 117-million passwords that have been breached. These passwords are now being sold to the black market.

At first, it was originally thought as a smaller hack, in which 6.5-million passwords were stolen approximately four years ago. However, the company admitted recently that the breach was much larger than what was originally thought.

So without further ado, here’s how you can change your LinkedIn password. If you’re using a mobile device, may be it your smartphone or tablet, you need to launch the LinkedIn app. Then, when in the application, tap on the profile icon situated at the top right of the screen. Tapping on the cog icon found above your profile picture will allow you to see a menu. In that menu, go to the account tab, then opt to change your password there.

If you’re going to change your password with the use of a desktop computer or a laptop, launch your preferred web browser, then head on to Sign in with your current password. Once inside your account, hold your mouse cursor just above your profile picture found at the top right of the screen. This will bring up several options. In here, select Manage which is next to Privacy & Settings. Under Basics, select Change Password. Type your current password, then your new password, then enter the new password once more to confirm that it is correct. Tick the box in order to sign you out of all sessions, then click on Save.


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LinkedIn – How to Change Your Password
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