Logitech Bluetooth Music Review – Turn Any Stereo Into a Wireless System

Wireless speakers and headphones are now becoming too much of a trend that there might not be a place for your old stereo system, but then you might not have heard of the Logitech Bluetooth Music yet. So what is it anyway? It is the company’s second generation unit of its popular wireless streaming accessory. This newer model is now smaller than the original, which means it is now easier to hide it behind a speaker or a receiver. It should be noted that unlike IR technology, Bluetooth doesn’t need line of sight with the source just for the unit to operate.

Logitech Bluetooth Music Review - Turn Any Stereo Into a Wireless System

The Logitech Bluetooth Music Lets You Stream Music Wirelessly to Your Stereo System

Looking at the rear of the tiny Logitech Bluetooth Music, you will be able to see a 3.5-millimeter port and RCA jacks to output audio. Inside the standard packaging, you will get a 3.5-millimeter-to-RCA cable so you no longer have to run to a store just to purchase one. The convenience of using this small “box” is in its flexibility because you can practically hook it up into anything with a free input, and these include an AV receiver, a stereo, PC speakers, or even your TV.

To use it, you would have to wire the adapter to an input, and then all you need to do afterwards is to link it to your Bluetooth-enabled device, and that’s practically it. To pair the Logitech Bluetooth Music adapter, you just have to press on the button with the Bluetooth symbol on it on the unit and then head on to your mobile phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device to pair both of them together. You can even connect two devices at once so you don’t have to keep switching both devices on and off. However, do note that only one source will be able to play audio at a time. So if you’re fighting for control with your sibling, expect that things might get out of hand.

As per Logitech, the range for the Bluetooth connection to work with the Logitech Bluetooth Music and the connected device is 50-feet (15-meters). What’s surprising is that unlike others who claim to achieve such a distance for the connection but ultimately falls short, you can even extend the reaches of the connection with Logitech’s offering a bit further. However, it does depend if there are other Bluetooth-enabled devices within the room as it can mess up the otherwise lengthy distance for the connection.


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