Logitech M320 Review – Your New Travel Wireless Mouse

For many, when they are looking for computer peripherals, their go-to brand is Logitech, and with that said, the Logitech M320 delivers a “must-buy” factor for those who are looking for the perfect wireless travel mouse. There are no bells and whistles on this one, and it is perhaps the most basic wireless mouse models the company has ever created. But that does come with a dirt-cheap price tag so you can’t really complain about its lack of features. But don’t let its budget-friendly design fool you into thinking that this computer mouse does not have what it takes. It has a featherweight design, a double-wide scroll wheel, and a very precise optical sensor which makes it the next addition to your mobile workstation.

Logitech M320 Review - Your New Travel Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M320 Has All the Things You Need in a Budget-Friendly Wireless Mouse

One look at the Logitech M320 and you might immediately think that it is built for righties and lefties. However, the left side is actually slightly wider because of the thumb rest. Therefore, it is not an ambidextrous mouse, and individuals who are left-handed should consider other wireless mice out there, like the company’s own M310 mouse.

Just like with many of the company’s ergonomic computer mice, the M320 also widens down at the middle. With this design choice, it offers your palm a more natural way of holding it. Granted that it does not support the entire length of your hand as what you can normally experience with a full-sized mouse. However, this particular computer peripheral is meant for travelers and mobile business folk. With its compact design, you wouldn’t have any trouble into fitting it into your regular workspace.

The mouse offers the basic variety of buttons, but they do have just enough comfort to relieve your fingers from the strain of using a laptop touchpad or a stylus. There are the standard left and right clickers, and the buttons do have a satisfying click to them to confirm every action you take. Furthermore, there is the extra-wide notched wheel that makes you feel an absolute pleasurable experience when you’re doing vertical scrolling.

The Logitech M320 uses a single AA battery to power it up, and the company claims that it will last two years before having to replace it. There is also an on/off switch located at the bottom so that you can shut the device off when you’re not needing it to conserve power. Still, the mouse has a built-in sleep mode that automatically switches off the sensor when it senses that you’re not using it for a while. Overall, this is a solid choice for anyone not looking to pay a lot of cash just to get a decent wireless mouse.


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Logitech M320 Review – Your New Travel Wireless Mouse
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