Love You To Bits Review – Find the Lost Pieces

Love You to Bits is a completely charming game. The gameplay flawlessly complements the charming little story. It never demands much ferocity nor asks the player to move faster than an eager brisk walking.

Love You To Bits Review - Find the Lost Pieces

Love You to Bits Brings the Charm

In Love You to Bits, the main character is a little boy. He and his robot girlfriend is blissfully flying through space when a sudden accident occurs; the robot girl got drawn out into the vacuum of space and was ripped into pieces. That was the time that the boy took upon himself to travel the galaxy, collect all the missing pieces together and fix his robot girlfriend back again. It is a combination of the child-like concept of the nearly-impossible task, lovable art style, and the childish notion of “everything will be fine if we fix her back together, right?” which gives a warm and vague heater to melt a frozen heart. By offering the player thoughtful levels that never demands much violence nor ask the player to move faster, its gameplay perfectly complements the little story. This mobile game is equivalent to a point-and-click adventure game; the player needs to tap on the ground to make the little guy move to a desired location, and also can tap anything collaborative that is in his vicinity.

A piece of the robot is tracked to a small area on a planet and in order to retrieve the piece from wherever it is or whoever possesses it, the player is required to have some basic problem-solving skills.  For one, the beginning level of Love You to Bits has the player attempting to snatch the first piece from a giant slime alien; a water hose is on the other side of the street and the only way to get it is to cross the street, but unluckily, the giant slime alien is blocking the way. The player now needs to find a way on how to get around and grab the hose in order to spray it to the slime alien and retrieve the piece. Each level contains two keepsakes that the couples shared at one point in time besides the individual pieces of the robot. The mementos acts as a bonus objectives; it is not required to find them all to finish a level, but finding them reveals a little cinematic story of their relationship. These cinematic story events will increases the fuzzy-warm factor of the game, so it is recommended that the players do their best to collect as many mementos as they can.

Saying that Love You to Bits is a charming game is a bit of an understatement. It is a special game with a Pixar-like touch that the player will not forget anytime soon. Due to this notion, it does bring in an added level of replayability.


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Love You To Bits Review – Find the Lost Pieces
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