Mac – How to Automatically Close or Hide Applications

Let’s be honest, there are those times when you’re working on your Mac and you’ve got a lot of things to get done by the end of the day. There are those times when work demands you to open up a lot of applications on the Apple computer, and even open up a browser window or two just to check up on your friends and family on social media. With all of these applications left opened, you might wonder why the computer is beginning to slow down a bit, or even a lot. You might have forgotten to just hide, or even to close those opened programs, but you can just automatically close or hide them with the use of a software known as Quitter.

Mac – How to Automatically Close or Hide Applications

Close of Hide Applications on Your Mac With Quitter

Step 1 – To get started, you have to download and install the Quitter application for your Mac. You can do so by heading on to Once downloaded, it will arrive in a ZIP file, which you can unzip just by doing a double-click on it. Once that’s  done, you can now drag the program into your “Applications” folder.

Step 2 – Open the Quitter application on your Mac computer once it has been properly installed. It will then live in your computer’s menu bar. When you click on the small icon, a small menu will pop up. Within the small menu, you will be able to set the application to automatically open once you’ve properly logged on into the Apple computer. You can then proceed to “Edit Rules” to hide or quit certain applications on the computer after minutes of inactivity.

Step 3 – Clicking on “Edit Rules” will open up a window with your computer’s current list of applications. In order to add an application to the list, click on the “+” icon found on the lower left portion of the window. Choose the application that you want to automatically close or hide after a certain amount of time that it has been inactive.

Step 4 – Repeat this process in Quitter for all other applications found in your Mac that you want to hide or quit after a number of minutes of being inactive. With this software, you can then avoid certain distractions that might otherwise disrupt you from getting your work done properly. Furthermore, it can assist in preventing computer slowdown because the processing unit in the machine won’t be working so hard.


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Mac – How to Automatically Close or Hide Applications
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