Mac – How to Speed up a Slow Computer

Even though a Mac is considered to be a high-end computer, it can still perform slowly much like any other Windows-powered system. If your Apple computer seems to be running slower than usual, then there are ways on how you can attempt to make it work faster like it did before. Furthermore, doing so can also assist you in identifying the problem as to what would be the primary cause of the slowdown in the first place.

Mac - How to Speed up a Slow Computer

Learn How to Speed up a Slow Mac Computer

Step 1  – Perhaps the first thing that you will do once you take notice of the slowdown on your Mac device is head online to search for solutions. It is important to stay away from programs that will “optimize” your computer in an attempt to make it run faster. There are also other “cleaning” programs that you should be aware of. While there are some applications that can remove temporary files from your computer and do free up space, they won’t make the system work quicker.

Step 2 – It should be noted that you cannot solve all your Mac computer-related problems with one magic utility. However, cleaning up your hard drive is indeed a good place to start. One of the better tools that you can use is CleanMyMac 3, and it will allow you to get rid of all of the junk files that may otherwise be inhabiting what’s left of your computer’s hard drive. Furthermore, this tool can also be used to clean up your startup items list, clean up after uninstalled apps, remove system plugins, and a whole lot more.

Step 3 – Aside from opting to download a separate tool to try and clean up your computer, you can also use the activity monitor and search for resource-hungry processes. The activity monitor is akin to the task manager on the Windows operating system. When you see a resource-hungry process, you can click on it and then click the X button found on the toolbar to do a force-quit on it.

Step 4 – Another prime suspect as to why your Mac is slowing down is because you have a bunch of programs open. If you must do multi-tasking, then it is better to do a specific task first in a particular program or two other than opening a bunch of software as it would ultimately do the speed of your computer to be ruined.


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