Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition Review – Not for the Casual User

What immediately separates the Meizu Pro 5 from the likes of Android, iOS, or even Windows smartphones is that it is running on Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system. The OS is designed to work across all types of devices, which include mobile, convertibles, tablets, and of course, desktop computers. This is because it uses a common core code. Therefore, if you’re used to other mobile operating systems, and if you have no plans to jump the gun to a new one, then perhaps this smartphone might not be your immediate next choice.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition Review - Not for the Casual User

The Meizu Pro 5 Runs on Canonical’s Ubuntu OS

Since the Meizu Pro 5 runs on the Ubuntu operating system, it is similar to the Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile in a sense that it uses a common core code. However, unlike the code from Microsoft, Ubuntu’s programming language is totally open source. Furthermore, it has been largely developed by its strong user base that rack up to the millions. In other words, this means that the operating system can actually evolve and even change at a great pace. It has update cycles that are quicker as more and more people are trying to make it better by the day.

Furthermore, the operating system’s open nature, as well as its support for numerous different coding languages, makes it an absolute boon for tweakers. This is a fact that is aided even further by the impressive specs of the Meizu Pro 5.

However, while it is a coders dream, this particular factor is also its drawback. If you’re not into tweaking the programming code found beneath the phone, then you should approach this handset with dire caution. This is because the operating system is a chaotic doubled-edged sword.

Due to the Ubuntu operating system evolving at a rapid pace, there will most likely be bugs and problems that will come out of it from time-to-time. Just like the Windows 10 Mobile OS, it offers very little app support, especially when comparing it to the likes of Android and iOS mobile ecosystems.

Therefore, if you’re the general type of consumer that wants to get a smartphone for pure convenience, then don’t get the Meizu Pro 5. The app support is only at a handful and there is no information with regards to the mobile operating system extending that in the near or even the far future. However, if you’re an Ubuntu user through-and-through, then you might want to check this handset out, especially if you’re a developer or a general tinkerer of tech.


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