Messaging – The New Arena for Tech Firms

Tech companies are now battling it out in a new arena, and it’s not in the form of any hardware, but through messaging apps. For the last couple of months, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook has been duking it out as they show some serious intent in hoping to grab the attention of the social space. It started with social media portal Facebook, as the company has already 1.9-billion users around the globe with its two chat platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Now, the competition has spread throughout other companies, even those that are not regularly seen in the social sector.

Messaging - The New Arena for Tech Firms

Messaging Apps Have Now Become the New Battlefield for Tech Companies

In contrast to Facebook’s messaging platforms, Google has only recently announced Allo, which is the dubbed as the next generation Messenger app. It is expected that Google’s contender for the chat sector will launch soon. As for Microsoft, it has displayed its intent by purchasing Wand Labs, a little known company that says its missions to be “to tear down app walls, integrate your services in chat, and make them work together so you can do more with less taps.”

Facebook, to combat these rising competition in the social space, has announced Deep Text wherein it describes to be a “deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousand posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages.”

Essentially, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are now building real-time contextual understanding of the human conversation. Therefore, they can serve up relevant information for their own messaging applications. Or if a user likes, ads will be presented while chatting it up with other people.

For instance, if you’re talking to a friend in a particular platform, then say you’re planning to leave home by taxi, then a link to might Uber will appear within the messenger app. However, if your friend is saying that you’ve arrived in the form of riding a taxi, then the link to the advertisement will not appear.

Google’s Allo also shows the example of two friends talking in the messaging app about what to eat for lunch. They then decide on eating out at an Italian restaurant, to which the search engine’s messenger application will then pick out one near their location. With this ability to serve up relevant information, and in real-time, this is perhaps the pot-of-gold that tech companies are now chasing.


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Messaging – The New Arena for Tech Firms
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