Metal Gear Survive – Kojima’s Comments About Konami’s New Game Vanishes

During the recent Tokyo Game show where Konami’s latest release in the Metal Gear franchise was featured, former Konami employee and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima was in the event and obviously he was bound to answer a few questions raised in response to Metal Gear Survive, a metal gear game in which, Kojima had no involvement in making. Several videos were published online as coverage for Kojima’s opinions about the game but as of writing, most of the videos online showing Kojima sharing his two cents about the Konami game started disappearing or is being taken down. Konami isn’t going to let the loss of Hideo Kojima stop them from using the Metal Gear license in which they own, Konami and Kojima had a rough relationship during Kojima’s final months in the company from completely deleting Kojima’s name in the cover art for The Phantom Pain to reports about Kojima being kept in Konami’s basement.

Metal Gear Survive - Kojima's Comments About Konami's New Game Vanishes

Metal Gear Survive is Set in an Alternate Timeline

Hideo Kojima was asked about Metal Gear Survive and based on the videos, he wasn’t rude per se, but honest in giving his opinions about the game, after all it’s an interview regarding HIS OPINION about the game. Shortly after the videos started getting published across their respective owners’ sites and accounts, the interview footage gradually vanishes from the internet as if it was being taken down or reported raising various speculations as why such an incident is happening.

Recently, Konami released a 15 minute gameplay demo of their game and spawned lots of hate from haters, Kojima fans, as well as any other game showing their honest dislike about the game. Konami’s latest Metal Gear has zombies, like actual zombies unlike the Skulls in MGSVTPP and when asked about it, Kojima was quoted: “I know absolutely nothing about it, that’s because it’s totally unrelated to me, right? Um, how should I put this? Well, for me, Metal is espionage with political fiction. Right? So, because of that, there’s no reason that zombies would show up.”

Streams of the interview was published on Nico Nico Douga with a similar to Facebook Live feature letting you post comments about the video and when Kojima started sharing is opinion on Metal Gear Survive, the comments section went nuts. Later the stream with the published comments vanished and even the official PlayStation YouTube account which streamed the event also had the whole video taken down. While footage of the event from various Twitter accounts are still up, official sites containing the said video are no longer found. Theories say that because of these videos, Konami is afraid it would affect their game’s sales but that’s just speculation. Various sites have asked for the aforementioned sites as to why their content vanished but as of writing no response turned up yet.


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Metal Gear Survive – Kojima’s Comments About Konami’s New Game Vanishes
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