Metal Gear Survive – Konami Doesn’t Understand Anymore

Even though the original director of the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima, has departed from Konami, the game publisher still owns the rights to the series, and they have just recently announced a new title that will continue on with the videogame franchise and it is called Metal Gear Survive. This is a multiplayer shooter that seems to have very little to do with regards to what the true essence of Metal Gear is all about. Instead of fighting giant mechs, or going into enemy base camps in a covert operation, this time around, players would have to run-and-gun for the most part of the game to kill off what seems to be like hordes of zombies.

Metal Gear Survive - Konami Doesn't Understand Anymore

Metal Gear Survive Seems to Have Very Little to do With the Essence of Metal Gear

It is known that the Metal Gear games and its core mechanics are heavily focused around stealth and infiltration, and this is not the case with regards to Metal Gear Survive. Although going at it with guns blazing is an option for some, it is not highly recommended unless for the truly skilled. The approach with this new game dictates that the publisher is looking towards the future of the company instead of pleasing fans. It would seem that they are trying to catch up with whatever trend the videogame industry has at the moment in hopes to rack up more sales. But if this is the case, then the company is heavily misguided.

In order to understand more as to what the Metal Gear Survive game is like, a press release was published, and it holds some information about the game. The following is a snippet from said press release: “Metal Gear Survive picks up from the ending of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, to an alternate timeline caused by unexplained wormholes forming in the sky. Players find themselves on distorted desert landscapes full of massive half-formed structures, living biological threats, and the remains of a once strong military force now litter the landscape. In a struggle to stay alive on this harsh terrain filled with deadly creatures, soldiers who were previously on Mother Base now must work cooperatively in order to survive. Metal Gear Survive continues the pedigree of Metal Gear Solid V’s highly praised gameplay design, with a unique blend of stealth and co-op play mechanics. Players can strategically manage massive threats with the help of 4-player online cooperative play. New weaponry will also be introduced to combat charging creatures and lethal environments as well.”

Even if many would say that Metal Gear Survive deviates from what Metal Gear is truly about, even if you look at it at insane standards, the premise behind the game makes very little sense. The game will be released next year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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Metal Gear Survive – Konami Doesn’t Understand Anymore
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