Mevo Review – Livestream Like a Pro

If you’re addicted or a prime user of Facebook Live, the Mevo is a device might interest you greatly. While you’re smartphone might already suffice in talking to your friends, family, or even the fans found in your Facebook page through the livestreaming feature, it doesn’t really offer much in terms of quality, even if you have a high-end handset. Enter this device from Livestream, and it is even  dubbed as the live event camera. It will allow you to broadcast towards Facebook Live and other Livestream platforms. At the time of writing, it can only be paired with iOS devices, so Android users might have to wait for an announcement on when the camera can be compatible to the Google mobile operating system.

Mevo Review - Livestream Like a Pro

The Livestream Mevo is Your Personal Cameraman for Livestreaming

So what can the Mevo do, exactly? For starters, it can be remotely controlled as if it were your own personal cameraman. It has the ability to zoom into certain subjects, as well as pan around the frame. This is really a handy tool to have if you are a frequent user of the Facebook livestreaming feature.

As for its design, the Livestream Mevo (formerly called as the Movi) is a cylindrical device that can fit in most palms. It has a soft, rubber-like exterior, and the overall look is quite simple. There is just a single control button/power button at the top, and that is surrounded by a ring of LEDs. Speaking of these LEDs, these will flash differently depending on certain status, such as battery life and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal it’s connected with.

At the front of the camera, you will find the lens, speaker, and stereo microphones. Looking at its back, there is an SD card slot, a microUSB port, and a reset button to put all the settings placed on it back to its default placements. It even has a magnetic bottom that will be able to attach itself on either the tripod (included in the standard packaging) or the Mevo Boost accessory (sold separately).

Despite the Mevo being able to record videos and save them to a microSD card, the real appeal is when you’re using it for live broadcasting. You can use your iOS device to zoom or pan around the frame as you wish. The quality being recorded is definitely better than most smartphone cameras, which automatically makes this camera an ideal choice for Facebook livestreamers.


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Mevo Review – Livestream Like a Pro
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