Michael Kors Access Review – Fashionably Irresistible

One look at the Michael Kors Access and you would immediately know that you have to spend a pretty penny just for you to acquire it. It is one of the best-looking Android wearables you can find, and it should be considering its higher price tag than most. In fact, the smartwatch is even water resistant, and the watch even comes with luxurious-looking watch faces that are definitely better than most of Google’s standard offerings. However, as for the features, it doesn’t offer anything new except that it looks really good. If functionality weighs deeper than fashion when looking for a smartwatch, then you’re better off with other Android Wears out there.

Michael Kors Access Review - Fashionably Irresistible

The Michael Kors Access is Water-Resistant up to 1 ATM

Inside the Michael Kors Access you will find a Snapdragon 2100 CPU, 360mAh battery, 4GB of built-in storage, and a good number of sensors. As for the watch’s face, it is that of a 1.4-inch variety that offers 320 x 290-pixels for its resolution. What is notably absent when you look at its underside is a heart-rate monitor, which is quite a disappointment because there are a lot of smartwatches found within a similar price class that has such a feature.

As for the software, well, there’s nothing really new to look at, especially if you’re already a veteran with regards to experiencing the Android Wear platform. So until Android Wear 2.0 arrives into the scene, you’re stuck with what the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch  has to offer in terms of software. However, the company does promise to upgrade the software as soon as the 2.0 update will be launched publicly. For those who are not familiar with the Android Wear 2.0 update, it brings about an on-screen keyboard, better support for the iPhone, and more third-party app support.

When looking at what the smartwatch offers in paper, everything does seem to fall into place. It has most of the same hardware specs that can be found in other Android Wear devices that are on the market, sans for the slightly smaller battery. This means that this particular Android Wear device has a shorter battery life as compared to others.

What’s worse than a short battery life for the Michael Kors Access? Its glitchy performance; even though it has a set of capable processors, it still struggles to keep up even with basic commands. Ultimately, even though this Android Wear looks incredibly good, the overall performance and use of it requires more work to be done.


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