Micromax Canvas 6 Review – Better Design, Average Everything Else

The Micromax Canvas 6 is the company’s first-ever metallic smartphone, and it does offer good looks. However, perhaps the handset manufacturer only pulled out the stops on just the design as the hardware and feature offerings are still pretty average. Furthermore, there are some issues that interested purchasers should be aware of, such as the unit can heat up pretty bad when pushing what it can do to its limits. And with that temperature problem also comes with an unreliable battery life. Ultimately, for this smartphone, fashion is above functionality.

Micromax Canvas 6 Review - Better Design, Average Everything Else

The Micromax Canvas 6 is All About the Looks

When looking at the design of the Micromax Canvas 6, it does share similar characteristics to that of the OnePlus One. However, instead of being made out of Sandstone, this particular unit is made out of metal. Also, and unlike other phones (even those coming from Micromax), it does have a bolder design. The edges are not rounded nor are they curved, but there is a nice chamfer along the edges. Speaking of edges, they are all nice and smooth, and even the two physical buttons and the back of the phone all sport a premium experience.

This, more or less, feels like a mid-ranged flagship model. However, the experience is only satisfying at the beginning as there are those who would feel that the physical buttons will be a bit too tough to press after a while. Furthermore, the power key tends not to respond to presses. Hence, the only way to unlock the phone if this happens is through the device’s fingerprint scanner. Those who do not have the patience to deal with such a design error should start looking elsewhere.

As for its display, the Canvas 6 has a pretty good touchscreen, but it is still not without its own set of shortcomings. For instance, even thought the color accuracy is quite good, the colors tend to be on the warmer side. Also, even though the viewing angles are pretty decent, the screen is very reflective and this causes major issues when viewing the handset under direct sunlight. Furthermore, the screen has not Gorilla Glass protection.

The Micromax Canvas 6 is being powered by a MediaTek Helio X10 processor, which means this is not the fastest phone on the planet and it is definitely not the most powerful. Ultimately, while this particular smartphone does sport the looks of a luxury model, its overall performance would make anyone cry out in anger and frustration. Do yourself a favor and just look for a different phone within a similar, or perhaps even a higher price point.


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