Microsoft Edge – How to Stop Pop-Up Notifications

There were a lot of people who were very skeptical about Microsoft Edge when it was first announced, primarily because Internet Explorer wasn’t that great of a browser. When it was released, there were a lot of individuals who went for the browser because of how it takes up a whole lot less RAM (take note Google Chrome). Which means that it takes up a lot less processes, and you can open more applications within your computer. However, there was also an addition to the new browser that is not to everyone’s liking – pop-up notifications. But you don’t have to keep on nagging about how those notifications keep on popping up as there is a way to stop those from appearing permanently.

Microsoft Edge - How to Stop Pop-Up Notifications

Stop the Pop-Up Notifications Coming From Microsoft Edge

Step 1 – The first thing that you should know about the pop-up notification feature from Microsoft Edge is that these are implemented directly from those Get Office notifications. These are not generated by the browser itself. In other words, these pop-up because of the operating system itself. With that in mind, note that you cannot disable notifications in the browser like you would do for the Get Office program.

Step 2 – To start ending those notifications from Edge, you can find the setting in the Settings app. To get there, open the start menu and click on the Settings icon. Next, head towards System, and then towards Notifications & Actions within the Settings app. There should be a bunch of options that will appear, but the one that you’re looking for is called “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.”

Step 3 – By default, this option should be turned on. So click on the slider to turn it off. And that’s about it. Windows will never bother you again with those notifications, even though they are coming from the browser.

Step 4 – But do note that it’s not the end just yet as there are other notifications that will come from Microsoft Edge, and this time its promotions. This comes from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and for most of the time, it can be quite an annoyance. But like the previous steps, there is still a way on how to get rid of these promotions popping up. To do that, head on to the browser’s menu and click on Settings. Now, head to View Advance Settings, and click on the Manage button which is right under Notifications. In here, just turn the feature off to turn the notifications off.


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Microsoft Edge – How to Stop Pop-Up Notifications
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