Microsoft Excel – How to Change the Color of Each Worksheet Tab

When you’re working on a business report, or a spreadsheet that requires a bunch of worksheets in Microsoft Excel, by default the color of each worksheet tab is gray, and it can get pretty confusing if you have a lot of them. What you can do is to color-code each tab so that they are easy to look at and search for. If you want to know how to do that, then read on.

Microsoft Excel - How to Change the Color of Each Worksheet Tab

Changing the Color of Each Worksheet Tab in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – For the first step, open the Microsoft Excel file that you want to work on. Now, do a right-click on the tab that you want its color to be changed. In the pop-up menu, hover your mouse over the “Tab Color” option, and it should display a palette of colors. Just choose a color from the number of options and the tab’s color will automatically change. There is no need for confirmation as the changes are done instantly. If you want your own custom color arrangements for each worksheet tab, you can click on the “More Colors” option and select the color that you want.

Step 2 – Aside from doing a right-click on the Microsoft Excel tab itself, you can also use the ribbon when selecting a color for a tab. To do this, make sure you head on to the worksheet that you want the color of the tab to be changed. Then, make sure that the Home tab is currently active on the ribbon, and click on “Format” which is found within the Cells section. Once clicked, hover your mouse over to “Tab Color” and then select your preferred color. Once again, no confirmation is necessary once the color is picked.

Step 3 – Other than using your mouse, you can also use your keyboard to change the color of a worksheet tab in Microsoft Excel. To do this, press Alt, H, O, and T in that exact order. Once you press T, you will be able to see all the colors in the submenu, then you can use your mouse to click on your desired color for the tab of your choosing. Once again, just make sure that you have your desired worksheet active. If you still don’t want to use your mouse when picking out a color, you can also use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move towards the color you want prior to hitting Enter for the color of your choice.


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Microsoft Excel – How to Change the Color of Each Worksheet Tab
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