Microsoft Excel – How to Import or Export CSV Files

Many of us use CSV files and want to edit them in Microsoft Excel. Instead of scratching your head in wonder, it is actually not that difficult to import and export the format. Read on to know how you can import or export CSV files to Excel.

Microsoft Excel - How to Import or Export CSV Files

Learn How to Import or Export CSV Files to Microsoft Excel

First of all, launch Microsoft Excel from your computer, then go the File tab which is located at the top left of the window. Click on it, then click on Open from the menu after it appears in the panel right below it. Once open, go to the folder wherein your CSV file is located, and you might notice that the program won’t readily let you see it. This is due to the Open menu will only automatically, by default, let users see Excel file types, of which are .xl, .xls, .ods, and some others. Do not worry your pretty little head that you can’t open your CSV file, as all we need to do is to change a minor setting.

Right just above the Open button below the dialog box, you will see another box that says All Excel Files. Click on it, then select Text Files from the list that appears. You should be able to see the CSV file that you’re currently searching for. Double clicking on it will let you see a Text Import Wizard that will appear.

In the wizard, it should have determined that your data is Delimited. This means that the fields are going to be separated by commas as CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. Double check that the Delimited option is chosen, then you can click on Next.

On the next page of the wizard, you will be able to choose how your CSV file is going to be separated. In the Delimiters section, you can choose which character should be used as the sign for the program to break up the text. Once you’ve chosen your preferred delimiter, you can click on Finish and it should appear on the program looking clean, just the way you want it.

In terms of exporting CSV files from Microsoft Excel, the process is much simpler than importing. Open the file then select the File tab found at the top of the worksheet then click on Save As. In the new window that will appear, you will be able to see the current format that is displayed within the box right beneath the file name. Click on it, and pick CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) as your choice. Set up a file name then just click on Save to complete the process.


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Microsoft Excel – How to Import or Export CSV Files
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